High Winds

Watch My Try to Break Back Into the Dog Show World! Huzzah!

25 April
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Watch as I valiantly struggle to re-enter the world of purebred dogs. Showing has been a passion for years and years. I owned and showed a wonderful whippet for two years but due to unforseen events (ending up suddenly unemployed and living in tiny apartments) I had to find him a new home. Now that my future is secure I am feeling the bite of the dog show bug again and have decided to pick up and dust off my old dreams of showing, professionally handling (maybe as a career, who knows?), and some day breeding and judging.

I am a sighthound person but also love the terriers. Thanks to my certain apartment doom for the next four or five years, though, I am thinking of toy breeds...specifically, Italian Greyhounds or maybe Chinese Crested. I'm still undecided, and I'll work out my significant doggy angst here.

I also like noodles and pie.

And I have an evil cat and a cute snake.

And also my fiance Will is being very patient and supportive of me, even though he claims he doesn't like dogs. He just hasn't met a good one yet.